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by Rudi Winter [Geograph Britain and Ireland Profile]

TitleRelevent DateGrid ReferenceUploadedStatus
trip profile - Cwm Rheidol - 13 Aug 182018-08-13sn73772018-09-17 22:43:08public
track profile - Heath to Wakefield - 1 Jul 182018-07-01SE35202018-07-20 00:35:48public
trip profile - Yorkshire Sculpture Park - 1 Jul 182018-07-01SE28122018-07-19 12:26:15public
trip profile - Cors Caron - 25 Feb 20182018-02-25SN69622018-05-17 22:51:21public
trip profile - Gelli Ddu - 19 Apr 20182018-04-19SN67722018-05-11 22:49:56public
trip profile - Coed Alltfedw - 20 Apr 20182018-04-20sn66722018-05-08 23:31:15public
trip profile - Afon Mellte - 11 Apr 20172017-04-11SN92112018-02-08 21:42:38public
trip profile - Ridgeway - 20 Jul 20162016-07-20su46842017-03-08 19:40:08public
geotrips map icon for photo in focus (large, darker)2016-08-14 14:00:56public
geotrips map icon for photo in focus (large)2016-08-13 10:58:31public
geotrips map icon for photo in focus2016-08-13 10:43:00public
trip profile - Hafod/Bwlchgwallter - 20 Nov 20102010-11-20sn76722015-12-13 21:30:38public
trip profile - Wallog - 3 Jan 20112011-01-03sn58832015-12-13 21:06:05public
trip profile - Cyfartha - 10 Apr 20112011-04-11sn83932015-12-13 14:48:47public
trip profile - Cardiff Bay - 23 Jun 20112011-06-23st19732015-12-13 14:26:47public
trip profile - lower Ystwyth gorge - 14 Jan 20122012-01-14sn71712015-12-13 13:54:21public
trip profile - Llynnoedd Teifi - 7 Jan 20122012-01-07sn79672015-12-13 13:12:16public
trip profile - Llangrannog - 10 Aug 20102010-08-10sn34562015-12-13 12:26:15public
trip profile - Craig Goch - 5 Apr 20132013-04-05sn90692015-12-13 00:21:09public
trip profile - Hafod - 2 Apr 20132013-04-02sn76732015-12-12 23:40:06public
Cwm Rheidol trip profile2015-05-04sn71782015-12-06 18:25:47public
Trip profile - Pumlumon Fawr2015-11-22sn78872015-11-24 21:36:18public
Strumble Head trip profile2015-08-29sm90392015-10-18 13:45:14public
Cumulative images for the Geograph project2015-04-12 00:32:53public
Trip profile - Llyn Llygad Rheidol2015-03-22sn79872015-03-31 20:06:14public
Capture of the Teifi by the Ystwyth and RheidolSN73722014-08-29 23:45:06public
Geology of Wren's Nest, DudleySO93912014-08-29 22:38:21public
Schematic geological map of Wren's Nestso93912014-08-27 22:05:02public
Fossils in the Nodular Limestone Member, Wren's Nest2014-06-08S093922014-08-25 22:36:26public
Hamtun mural, Southampton2014-06-28SU4191132014-08-10 14:02:58public
trip profile - Glaspwll2014-04-13SN73972014-08-07 22:27:53public
trip profile Upper Irfon from Nant-ystalwyn2014-04-14sn81582014-04-22 22:46:21public
.pdfConsultative poll on categories and tags - results summary2012-10-182012-10-18 22:06:34public
Geograph Browser - Display mode dropdown2012-06-21 22:31:58public
Geograph Browser - Sort order dropdown2012-06-21 21:55:37public
Geograph Browser - filter bar after inverting a filter2012-06-20 00:18:31public
Geograph Browser - filter bar after filter has been removed permanently2012-06-20 00:14:55public
Geograph Browser - filter bar with disabled filter2012-06-20 00:04:55public
Geograph Browser - filter bar2012-06-20 00:00:28public
Geograph Browser - non-unique facets2012-06-19 23:42:46public
Geograph Browser - facet drilldown2012-06-19 23:08:07public
Geograph Browser - facets menu2012-06-19 20:43:42public
Geograph Browser screen layout2012-06-18 22:54:17public
Aberystwyth Grits - bedding (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-23 23:40:28public
Aberystwyth Grits - volcanic ash layer (annotated)2012-05-20sn58832012-05-22 23:23:17public
Aberystwyth Grits - compression ripples (annotated)2012-05-20sn55822012-05-22 23:16:42public
Aberystwyth Grits - fold axis (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 23:13:15public
Aberystwyth Grits - microfolds (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 23:09:55public
Aberystwyth Grits - quartz intrusions (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 23:06:09public
Aberystwyth Grits - flute casts (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 23:04:29public
Aberystwyth Grits - fault and blowhole (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 23:01:24public
Aberystwyth Grits - fault and flute casts (annotated)2012-05-20sn58822012-05-22 22:52:31public
Storage demand of high-res uploads2012-04-27 22:56:30public
Percentage of high-res versions available vs. age2012-04-272012-04-27 21:09:10public
Suggested revisions to the geographical context list2012-02-122012-02-12 20:44:55public
Overview of geographical contexts2012-02-122012-02-12 18:19:07public
Reported issues with the available geographical contexts2012-02-122012-02-12 18:16:18public
Fractional distribution of geographical contexts2012-02-112012-02-12 18:13:57public
Cross correlation between geographical contexts2012-02-112012-02-12 18:09:38public

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