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by Barry Hunter [Geograph Britain and Ireland Profile]

TitleRelevent DateGrid ReferenceUploadedStatus
4000 images - grid layout2023-10-27 11:35:57public
4000 images - relaxed layout2023-10-27 11:34:23public
4000 images - exact plot2023-10-27 11:28:44public
.pdfGeograph Risk Management Policy2023-04-19 15:37:15public
.pdfGeograph Complaints and comments by its website users2023-04-19 15:36:33public
.pdfGeograph Complaints from Landowners Policy2023-04-19 15:34:31public
.pdfGeograph Complaints Policy2023-04-19 15:34:14public
.pdfGeograph Conflict of Interest Policy2023-04-19 15:33:19public
.pdfGeograph Investment Policy2023-04-19 15:29:06public
Small PhotoMap Extract2018-09-07 15:16:30public
Google Images Petition Wordle2013-02-06 23:58:40public Correlation Wheel for Barry Hunters' images2012-12-18 17:13:33public
text-is-beautiful visualization for a selection of Bridge images. 2012-12-18 16:49:39public
Showing distribution of Wales nature reserves2012-09-01 23:07:05public
Testing out a 'bright' colour scheme in browser2012-07-18 00:07:23public
inside jam2012-06-05 19:20:44public
Alternative colour scheme for facet browser2012-06-04 00:33:10public
test2012-05-22 23:03:05public
Tags Example2011-04-24 14:19:58public
Geograph Error Image2011-04-21 21:04:03public

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