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by Bob Harvey [Geograph Britain and Ireland Profile]

TitleRelevent DateGrid ReferenceUploadedStatus
Editing the fisheye2024-05-16TF08599206562024-05-16 11:09:38public
screen grab for bug report feedbacl2024-05-11 12:30:44public
Bob as Green Man2023-12-20 16:54:37public
Icons for web pages2023-06-23 17:51:46public
Map from historic listings2023-04-06 15:31:33public
demo map from planning site2023-04-06 15:29:00public
click the map doesn't work2023-04-052023-04-05 20:57:14public
Artifacts at the escalator 2023-03-04 13:53:21public
Pixel magic eraser - final result2023-03-04 13:47:46public
One person removed2023-02-282023-03-04 13:43:09public
Google pixel selecting things to erase2023-02-282023-03-04 13:39:05public
Snapshot in Peterborough 2023-02-282023-03-04 13:30:45public
Special filter pull-down2023-01-17 01:12:22public
Top left of browser2023-01-17 01:08:36public
Geograph images in training sets for AI2022-12-15 15:49:51public
Text overflow in Georiver2022-12-02 16:40:33public
Searching from a search result2022-12-02 16:13:56public
Screenshot_20220731-0745492022-07-312022-07-31 12:49:32public
Missing image 22022-05-152022-05-15 16:12:48public
Missing image2022-05-152022-05-15 16:06:09public
New railway crossing sign2022-04-14 10:55:04public
Big white space2022-03-27 10:39:03public
The unsubmittable image2022-03-27 10:12:29public
Error for uploaded file2022-03-27 10:09:41public
Image is uploaded2022-03-27 09:58:19public
No map showing2021-10-28 21:26:38public
Darktable export options2021-08-27 22:05:04public
darktable export settings2021-08-27 21:51:54public
virtual earth hybrd map2021-08-27 21:10:04public
Adding geocordinates in Darktable2021-08-25 11:15:10public
Distant thurnder - the rain radar2021-07-27TF 0854 20652021-07-27 08:26:00public
Distatn Thunder - the strikes2021-07-27TF 0854 20652021-07-27 08:20:37public
ks1 seasons2021-07-21 05:10:56public
ks1 oddity2021-07-21 05:00:54public
Constrained by a pandemic TF08202021-04-11Tf08202021-04-11 09:18:42public
Calendar example2021-03-10 20:25:00public
ObvallarisTF09152021-01-18 17:01:47public
rotation error2020-11-21 19:10:52public
changing the permissions2020-11-20 16:22:01public
Bad uploads2020-10-102020-10-10 10:30:33public
Colourised version of 2312612TQ 334 760 2020-10-09 05:32:15public
colourised version of 63438541900-07-18SU 145 294 2020-10-09 05:14:18public
B1224SE40471483252020-10-02 20:51:56public
Tree ID sample2020-09-24TF 0873 20492020-09-24 20:07:43public
Bug report b2020-08-29 07:16:23public
Bug report a2020-08-29 07:14:31public
search result for bug report2020-08-152020-08-15 10:35:17public
Terms of use2020-06-23 21:30:25public
mystery flower 32020-05-16TF08202020-05-16 21:14:15public
mystery flower 22020-05-16TF08202020-05-16 21:12:56public
mystery flower 12020-05-16TF08202020-05-16 21:07:48public
.pdfTag search bug2020-05-11 08:46:09public
specimin submit for forum post2020-04-30 09:11:58public
This looks like spam2020-04-26 13:36:38public
Act of Defiance 3tf08202020-04-24 09:41:30public
Act of defiance 2tf08202020-04-24 09:39:11public
Act of defiance 1tf08202020-04-24 09:36:00public
Act of defiancetf08202020-04-24 09:28:20public
Bad coverage map 32020-04-22 10:31:00public
Bad coverage map 22020-04-22 10:27:07public
coverage map click failure2020-04-22 10:22:09public
bing reverse image2020-04-15 06:24:54public
seaside painting2020-04-14 11:22:52public
map fo my constrained existence2020-04-14tf08202020-04-14 08:40:33public
"Oast Houses, Menston" by John Cooper2020-04-08 20:01:13public
"Oast Houses, Kent" by John Cooper from 1934 - sketch2020-04-08 11:25:52public
"Oast Houses, Kent" by John Cooper from 19342020-04-08 11:22:57public
Glitched image2020-04-01 14:30:34public
Browser page 72020-02-27 20:28:45public
browser page 12020-02-27 20:25:30public
Emoji picker page 32020-02-25 09:15:30public
Emoji picker page 12020-02-25 09:13:06public
displays rotated2020-01-27 12:19:55public
wanting to join FB group2020-01-13 21:53:55public
Twitter rendering of images - 22020-01-13 10:18:44public
Twitter rendering of images - 12020-01-13 10:17:01public
Fotheringay anomoly2020-01-06 09:18:45public
Letter RSO88172019-11-25 09:32:35public
Geograph Mosaic for UMU012019-09-05 19:41:46public
Not a balcony2019-08-20 14:23:28public
Google pixel 3 screengrab of GNSS2019-07-17 09:49:03public
Mobile coverage map2019-03-29 05:30:10public
Personal coverage map2019-03-29 05:03:07public
Google pano2019-03-14Sj84982019-03-22 04:14:15public
search results2019-03-18 11:59:11public
No search 2019-02-23 02:20:13public
missing images2018-11-09 22:28:36public
New mobile coverage2018-10-20 09:22:46public
Mobile coverage2018-10-20 08:54:08public
Inverted bell2018-09-06 10:21:13public
Geosetter example 32018-08-30 13:52:01public
Geosetter example 22018-08-30 13:49:51public
Geosetter example 12018-08-30 13:42:12public
Stamford Screengrab2018-08-23TF02072018-08-24 20:40:03public
Tweetdeck example2018-08-23 16:54:45public
twitter example2018-08-23 16:51:47public
twitter example2018-08-23 16:46:26public
Example of bad image2013-10-27TF0119 2018-08-08 16:38:46public
upload problem2018-07-312018-07-31 12:18:57public
camea zip file2018-07-20 15:09:30public
Accessing .gpx file on Android2018-07-15 13:58:12public
8 files from TF00192018-07-11 14:23:21public
Square TF0019TF00192018-07-11 14:19:28public
Geograph deutschland voting thing2018-05-22 21:44:32public
German uptick box2018-04-12 11:34:05public
Facebook embezzlement2017-12-03 19:17:25public
Stamford station search2017-12-01 19:06:04public
A hedonists guide2017-11-02 03:14:30public
Darktable - missing forum post2017-10-29 12:25:36public
Darktable result for horizontal and vertical perspective correction2017-10-29 12:16:02public
Darktable horizonal and vertical perspective correction2017-10-29 12:13:17public
Darktable horizonal perspective correction2017-10-29 12:11:33public
Darktable - automatic vertical persepective correction2017-10-29 12:09:58public
Manchester town halls uncorrected2017-10-26SJ 8394 98022017-10-29 00:02:33public
Corrected Verticals in Portland Streety2017-10-27SJ 846 9812017-10-28 21:55:57public
Solar panels at The Sill - 80%2017-09-24NY 752 668 2017-10-18 21:22:22public
what is a jfif2017-10-02 16:01:04public
back of the bus 22017-09-19 21:13:26public
back of the bus2017-09-19TL18982017-09-19 20:30:21public
Stupid dialogue2017-07-17 23:16:31public
NLS map update2017-07-17 09:24:11public
OS getoutside/local index page for Lincolnshire - detail2017-07-04 10:13:51public
Extract of google styalised image2017-05-08 12:59:45public
Original sample tweeted2017-04-20 19:15:34public
rotated example2012-07-22SJ8497 2017-04-20 16:11:59public
Around Methven SchoolNO0262632017-04-19 14:26:49public
Around Brough School2017-04-19 14:25:26public
Around Mablethorpe SchoolTF5078402017-04-19 14:19:31public
Geomap for schools2017-04-18 09:34:37public
Files stuck in submit buffer2017-04-07 21:15:45public
Coverage round TG10282017-01-03TG10282017-01-03 09:20:52public
Meeting house2016-12-29 22:59:19public
New longer tweetsSO51402016-09-21 14:54:23public
Gallery image2016-09-03 08:16:52public
Gallery 'new'2016-09-03 08:13:55public
Gallery 'this week'2016-09-03 08:11:25public
Coverage near Tintagel2016-09-03 06:10:09public
SW coverage map2016-09-03 06:04:30public
Sample squareTQ01072016-09-01 17:04:54public
Flower for identification2016-08-28SK89262016-08-31 11:18:34public
Distorted panorama over fields2016-08-28SK 9034 27022016-08-31 10:59:38public
bug in media server 22016-08-24 16:10:19public
Bug in media server2016-08-24 16:04:57public
rejected image2016-08-24 11:45:22public
St Andrews, horizontal slice2016-08-22TF05162016-08-23 18:30:05public
St Andrew's 02016-08-22TF05162016-08-22 23:02:32public
St Andrew's 32016-08-22TF05162016-08-22 22:57:58public
St Andrew's 22016-08-22TF05162016-08-22 22:53:24public
St Andrew's 12016-08-22TF05162016-08-22 22:44:39public
Shared description link failure2016-06-27 06:32:28public
two identical tags2016-06-24 21:23:40public
Hornet?tf08202016-06-24 15:19:53public
Stamping demo 42016-05-06 20:57:42public
Stamping demo 32016-05-06 20:56:42public
Stamping demo 22016-05-06 20:55:15public
Stamping demo 12016-05-06 20:52:52public
Dot operator test2016-05-06 04:07:17public
Cotoneaster berries in snow2004-06-01TF08202016-04-16 12:16:44public
Ios rotation bug image 32016-04-16 08:29:28public
Ipad photo page2016-04-16 06:39:14public
Potd with rotation isdsues2016-04-162016-04-16 06:32:57public
Bus with glowing edges 2TF 097 2012016-04-06 12:51:45public
Bus with glowing edgesTF 097 2012016-04-06 12:45:27public
1945 journey planner2016-03-20 08:33:31public
end of the white squares2016-03-17 12:59:45public
Empty uploads2016-03-17 12:49:49public
Marlow millSU 855 8612016-03-07 21:11:06public
Microsoft Edge cannot read output of Microsoft ICE2016-02-27 22:47:38public
Microsoft ICE stitching result TF01874339662016-02-27 22:44:37public
Panorama plus producing mulitple disparate stitches2016-02-27 22:41:27public
Gravatar setup2016-02-24 10:12:22public
The Gravatar settings2016-02-24 08:42:50public
PTgui user interface2016-02-21 10:30:38public
Micosoft ICE autocrop2016-02-21 10:23:26public
Micosoft ICE user interface at work2016-02-21 10:18:27public
Hugin gets it wrong2016-02-21 09:47:50public
Hugin at work - screendump2016-02-21TF 17835 2152016-02-21 09:41:07public
Pano failure2016-02-20 22:21:22public
Scrap of DLR routemap2016-02-20 15:50:47public
missing large size fileSH62102016-02-19 09:59:45public
Seventh attempt at a panorama2016-02-07TF 229 1062016-02-18 23:45:48public
Second attempt at a panorama2016-01-17TF 095691992016-01-18 16:14:33public
First attempt at a panorama2015-01-17TF 09569 1992016-01-18 12:45:34public
No8172 with weird symbolNO81722016-01-12 23:17:06public
Vivalidi native thumbnails2015-12-30 10:57:13public
Firefox thumbnails2015-12-30 10:46:51public
Waslden in the floods2015-12-26SD 931 2232015-12-26 12:00:36public
Geograph 2043843 - stamped1966-07-29SE 339 2032015-12-13 13:05:26public
Geograph 2043843 - original1966-07-29SE 339 2032015-12-13 13:01:06public
Ba bridge example 22015-12-03 10:18:33public
Ba bridge example 12015-12-03 10:16:11public
All stations to everywhere 2015-12-032015-12-03 07:16:44public
Example 42015-12-01 22:56:46public
Example 32015-12-01 22:52:11public
Example 22015-12-01 22:47:19public
Example 1 2015-12-01 22:43:32public
Mosaic map example2015-11-29 06:16:26public
Password reveal2015-11-17 08:44:42public
Sutton Common BT Tower cropSJ 933 676 2015-11-15 15:51:44public
St Mary Magdalene: Spire and Transept2015-10-15SK799253932015-11-13 08:42:37public
Long range view2015-11-12 15:57:45public
Coordinate problem2015-11-12 15:54:21public
automatic tweeting2015-09-18 10:01:57public
Displaying hidden operating system files2015-09-16 07:55:46public
citation needed2015-09-01 15:18:12public
Mysterious blue diagonal linesST 7650 83502015-08-31 11:23:32public
RAF Stenigot mast basesTF255826 2015-08-20 12:08:42public
Zero result of search2015-08-16 11:16:18public
Part of recent.php showing clickable link2015-08-16 11:12:44public
Used in flipboard2015-08-05 06:57:16public
Not so certain2015-08-03 21:12:24public
My first related images2015-08-03 19:23:31public
Unexpected search results- 'before 1880'2015-08-02 06:24:13public
Advanced search - before 18802015-08-02 06:18:13public
Empty browser results2015-06-22 02:44:50public
Top level context results2015-06-22 02:38:33public

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