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by David Purchase [Geograph Britain and Ireland Profile]

TitleRelevent DateGrid ReferenceUploadedStatus
Sheep Rock (Fair Isle) ascent route2022-07-31HZ 22 712022-08-29 08:45:48public
Stac an Armin ascent routeNA 15 062021-02-24 11:39:48public
Landing on Stac an Armin - start of the route2014-10-13NA 151 0632021-02-24 11:31:27public
Soay - the route to the top2014-09-17NA 06 012021-02-20 12:23:35public
Landing on Soay - the start of the route2014-09-18NA 068 0122021-02-20 12:16:29public
Stac Lee - the ascent route2014-10-13NA 142 0482021-02-20 12:07:11public
Landing on Stac Lee - the start of the route2010-07-20NA 1430492021-02-19 13:50:48public

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